Legislative news in June 2014


During June 2014, a number of legal regulations with relevance to the business environment in Romania were published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, such as:

I. The Order of the Minister of Labor no. 826/2014 regarding the approval of the Norms regarding the payment for providing services made in the activity fields of Labor Inspection

The act came into force on June 2nd 2014.

Through Order no. 826/2014 the Norms regarding the payment for providing services made in the activity fields of Labour Inspection were approved, and are provided in the annex which constitutes part of it.

According to the provisions of Order no. 826/2014, The Labor Inspection, through its territorial labor inspectorates, provides services in the field of labor relations at the request of natural persons, legal entities, authorized persons and other entities established in accordance with the law.

II. Government emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding consumer’s rights within agreements concluded with professionals, as well as for modifying and completing certain normative acts

Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 stipulates the rights of consumers within agreements concluded with professionals, for insuring a high level of protection for consumers and an efficient operation of the market.

This normative act applies to any agreement concluded between a professional and a consumer, including agreements for supplying electronic communication services to the public or access and connection services to public electronic communication networks, as well as delivering certain equipment pertaining to the supply of the service.

III. Law no. 85/2014 regarding the procedures for preventing insolvency and insolvency procedures

The act came into force on June 28th 2014.

Law no. 85/2014 establishes the rules in the field of preventing insolvency and insolvency.

The purpose of this law is to institute a collective procedure in order to cover the liability of the debtor, by granting him, whenever it is possible, a chance to redress his activity.

The procedures provided by the law apply to professionals, as they are defined by art. 3 paragraph (2) of the Civil code, with the exception of those who have liberal professions, as well as those in regards to which there are provided special norms regarding the conditions of their insolvency.

The procedure provided by Law no. 85/2014 also applies to autonomous administrations.